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Membership benefits include private garden tours, educational and travel lectures, annual BBQ and palm auction, use of a rather extensive library, and participation in various civic events. 
We are a very laid back and friendly group with a wealth of knowledge concerning all aspects of growing palms in Hawaii. 
If you would like to join, just fill out the membership form below and mail it to the address listed on the application. If you have other membership questions, just send Grace in membership a note. Click here for her info under 'Contacts'. 

There are around 2800 palm species and 200 230 genera. 
Palms are endemic to all continents except Antartica.
Hawaii island is represented on International Palm 
Society board of 
Mike Merrit continues his duties as a Director.
Kerriodoxa elegans


A Note of Caution: Living here in Hawaii, East Hawaii in particular, you must always excercise caution when buying or obtaining plants for your property. Even with the best intentions to provide pest free plant material, critters of all sorts can hitch rides in pots or on cuttings no matter how reputable the source. 
Your best defense is a better offense. Always treat any plant material you bring home to your garden as
 suspect and treat with the appropriate methods and extent you feel comfortable with. 
For more information check out this info sheet from the College of Tropical Agriculture and
 Human Resources:

Hawaii Island Palm Society
P.O. Box 1585
Kea'au, Hi 96749
The Hawaii Island Palm Society, (HIPS), is a great group of people who simply love palms and who strive to promote their use in private gardens and the general landscape. It is also our goal to perpetuate rare and endangered palms worldwide, through the sharing of seeds and plants. Our volunteer organization is a member of the International Palm Society and is dedicated to community outreach and education.  
The Society was born back in 1974 as an outgrowth of a landscaping class at the Hawaii Community College being taught by Norm Bezona. From the nine people that attended the first meeting, we have grown into an organization with close to 200 members. We meet on a regular basis and publish a newsletter and event mailings as needed. 
HIPS is also involved in the planning, planting, and maintaining the outstanding palm tree collection at the Panaewa Rain Forest Zoo in Hilo. Click  here to read more about the zoo and the evolution of it's extraordinary palm collection. 


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  • Pests and diseases that affect palms and their solutions. 
There are several options available for society membership.
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  • A partial list and brief description of reference material available to enhance your knowledge. Click here.
  • HIPS library with books and periodicals available for checkout. Click here.
  • Botanical gardens and public places in Hawaii where you can see rare or uncommon palm trees. Click here.
  • Online palm information and photos of private gardens. 

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Hawaii island Palm Society
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