The Panaewa Rain Forest Zoo in Hilo has been adopted by our society as a place to plant, maintain, and view rare palms for all to enjoy. 
Our society is grateful for the commitment and dedication from Karen and Dean Piercy for such a sustained effort and of course for all the volunteers who have so freely given of their time for this endeavor. 

Please click on the PDF below for a brief history of this important and ongoing HIPS project. 
Panaewa Rain Forest Zoo

Going to the Zoo? You might want to print
out this handy palm map to help guide you 
Palms 101
New to palms? Need a short turtorial on palm basics? Download the handy Palms 101 handout below for basic questions commonly asked when growing palms in Hawaii. If you need more information, there are 'Mentors' listed on the handout you can call if you have further questions.  

               Pacific Preservation: Hawai'i Island

Our local Hawai'i Island Palm Society is happy to announce broader support by the international palm community in our efforts to support local forest preservation. Hips has also partnered with The Nature Conservancy and the International Palm Society to provide assistance with the Kona Hema Project in West Hawaii. (See the last newsletter, #14)
Check out this video The Nature Conservancy has prepared for the partnership to help preserve Hawaii's native forests. This presentation at the Annual BBQ, was very well received. 

Hawaii Island Palm Society welcomes the opportunity to partner with The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii in an effort to protect remaining forest habitat on Hawai'i Island. The restoration of these forests helps preserve rare plants, endangered forest song birds, watershed partnerships, and in particular, protection of three majestic palm species, Pritchardia lanigera, Pritchardia beccariana, and Prtichardia schattaueri.

HIPS funding, as part of The Nature Conservancy's Hawai'i Island Terrestrial Programs, will help establish new populations of Pritchardia schattaueri, remove all grazing animals, prevent the spread of habitat modifying invasive weeds, minimize the risk of wildfire, and building community understanding of the importance of preservation.

                                            How You Can Contribute

Donations of any size will be gladly accepted. You can either send your gift by check or credit card. Please follow this link to our website and download the information necessary to mail your contribution.The gift will go directly to The Nature Conservancy.   

A BIG Mahalo to those members and friends who have already contributed to this worthwhile effort. Please consider joining the names on this list.

David Dewenter, Pete Bruce, Charles Wesley Mapa, Jeff & Suchin Marcus, Anonymous, Roger Beck & Eric Anderson, Donald Armstrong, Bo-Goran Lundkvist, Doran Vaughn, Kim Brickey Cyr, Mary & Mike Lock, Bob Gibbens & Tim Brian 
If paying by check, just send this form along with your gift and leave blank. 
Fill it out ONLY if you are giving credit card info. 

​Please send your gift
 to this address.