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Hawaii Island Palm Society

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HIPS Board Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 08, 2019
  • 1:30 AM - 3:00 AM
  • Lise's House


President’s Remarks: Rick Kelley
Approval of February 2019 Minutes: Mike Arends

Membership report: Lise Dowd

Treasurer Report & status of tax filings: Stephen Kling

Old Business

Review of HIPS check registry and 2018 bank statements: Rick Jones
Recap Zoo Plant Sale membership outreach: Mike & Stephen
Finalize garden tour schedule: Kelley
Send out notes to commercial and hobbyist growers to get ready for plant exchange: Kelley

Status of Newcomers garden tours: Kelley

Consider donation to UHH palm and cycad gardens: Kelley
Philanthropy committee to nominate recipients at August meeting: Lise & Rick Jones Fall Speaker update: Mary
Membership in International Palm Society: Kelley
Status of mobile PA replacement
T-shirts: Stephen & Sara

New Business

Outreach booth at Orchid Society Show Thursday June 27- Sunday June 30: Sara Develop HIPS policy on privacy, membership contact information directory: Lise & Mary

No news on zoo cycad garden expansion
Nominating committee for 2020 officers:

Members are welcome to attend.  Contact Rick Kelley,

Contact Us:

550 Akolea Rd

Hilo, Hi   96720

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